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Compakto designs and manufactures automatic handling machinery, integrated custom-made machinery and production lines for the woodworking industry and manufacturers of building products.

Panel Returns for edgebanders

Panel Returns transform your edgebanding into a one person operation. The payback period of a Panel Return is less than 18 months, even when the edgebander is used just 20 hours a week. Panel Returns are modular, reversible and fit any edgebander or profile sander. Made up of fully self-contained units that plug together, return conveyors are simple to install, shift or adapt to another edgbander.

Compakto offers five options for a panel return,  24/12 and 24/15 panel returns which can both be upgraded to an F version and 24/24FT.


Compakto 24-12  Panel Return

Demonstration video

Compakto 24-15 F Panel Return

Demonstration video

Compakto 24-24FT Panel Return

Demonstration video

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